Tuberose Plant

Tuberose Plant. Planting tuberose in the garden. Its sweet fragrance is used to make scented candles, soap, and some essential oils.

How to grow and care Rajnigandha / Tuberose plant
How to grow and care Rajnigandha / Tuberose plant from

It is part of the agavaceae family and is native to mexico. Planting tuberose in the garden. Zones 6 to a perennial in zones 9 and 10.

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The rajanigandha is a native of mexico and is heavily used in the manufacture of various types of perfumes. In northern climates, tuberoses may not bloom until the latter part of august, but you can start the bulbs indoors in early spring to give them a head start. At present the total area under tuberose cultivation in the country is estimated to be about 3,000 hectare.

The soil should have sufficient moisture holding capacity.a place protected from strong wind hot and cold waves is preferable, so that there is no damage of flower stalk.

The tuberose is native to mexico, and the flowers are used in the manufacture of perfumes. The tuberose has long bright green leaves clustered at the base and smaller clasping leaves along the stem. Tuberose, ( polianthes tuberosa ), perennial garden plant of the asparagus family (asparagaceae), cultivated for its fragrant flowers.

The tuberose, is a perennial plant related to the agaves, extracts of which are used as a note in perfumery.

The end of summer and. However, the bulbs are easy to start outdoors, if you’re patient enough to wait three to four months for the first blooms. Smaller leaves form along the stems.

Tuberose flower is a member of the asparagaceae family and agavoideae subfamily which is a perennial plant.

Polianthes plant growing and care guide. When you first plant your tuberose, only water it when the soil gets completely dry. Tuberose bulbs are best planted outdoors in early spring after the danger of frost has passed and the daytime temperatures remain above 70 degrees.

It is related to the jonquil and narcissus.

The tuberose flower’s extracts are used for developing middle notes in perfumes since the middle ages. Tuberose can be purchased as single plants or as bulb clumps. It is pollinated by moths.

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