Lawsonia Inermis Plant

Lawsonia Inermis Plant. Henna is the common name of lawsonia inermis small flowering shrub/plant with dark green leaves. Henna mendhi tree lawsonia inermis medicinal live plant.

Israel flowers or Dyer's bugloss
Israel flowers or Dyer's bugloss from

The leaves grow opposite each other on the stem. Lawsonia inermis linn., is a perennial herbal medicinal plant belonging to the family names in india viz., mehndi in hindi, mendika, rakigarbha in sanskrit, mailanchi in malayalam, muruthani in tamil, benjati in oriya, mayilanchi in kannada and mehedi in It has garnered greater levels of attention from scholars from many countries because of the variety of compounds that can be derived from lawsonia as well as some of.

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