Hylocereus Undatus Plant

Hylocereus Undatus Plant. The plant is a cacti climber. It is widely cultivated for its edible fruit with a sweet and pleasant flavor.


Mexico, central america, south america: Selenicereus undatus, formerly known as hylocereus undatus, is a lithophytic or hemiepiphytic cactus with creeping, sprawling, or clambering stems. Monacanthus (red skin and red flesh) and hylocereus megalanthus (yellow skin and white flesh).

Flowers are followed by red, edible fruit with prominent scales.

Originating in central america, it is now cultivated in many countries with tropical and subtropical climates, including. It produces aerial roots enabling it to climb and support itself. There are 18 species (gunasena et al., 2007) within the groupings of h.

They climb by use of aerial roots that adhere to the surface upon which they grow or climb.

Additionally, the hylocereus polyrhizus species was renamed to hylocereus monacanthus. In addition, cladodes of dragon fruit plants (hylocereus undatus) were cut from an uninfected orchard and transferred to the greenhouse nursery in the natural resources faculty, prince of songkla university, hat yai, thailand. Hylocereus undatus, commonly calledwhite dragon, is tropical evergreen perennial plant of the hylocereusvgenus.

Hylocereus undatus is a naturally climbing plant and can be trained to climb indoors if you provide a moss pole or trellis.

Stems grow up to 33 feet (10 m) long and climb by aerial roots. The plant is tolerant to slight frost but too much freezing would damage the plant. Dragon fruit, pitahaya, strawberry pear, honolulu queen, moonlight cactus:

Hylocereus undatus, hylocereus megalanthus, hylocereus costaricensis, hylocereus setaceus.

This plant grows more like a tropical vine and we have seen it climbing on boulders, buildings and even. The newest growth will emerge from the end of the stems. Undatus (red skin and white flesh fruit), h.

I have been growing hylocereus undatus for 40 years and its has been in the last 3 years that it has fruited with 5 x 4 inch red fruits & flesh white with small black seeds and i believe that this plant does not set fruit without another variety growing nearby and this is now the case as we have many asian immigrants growing many cactus.

Terse details of a huge range of useful plants. It is a cactus that needs heat throughout the year. Undatus grown in the botanical garden “jardin de cactus” in guatiza, teguise, lanzarote, canary islands fig.

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